Importers Must Know:Top 5 China B2B Websites to Find Artificial Flower Suppliers

In the past ten years, China’s B2B market has continued to expand. There are many importers who want to find Chinese artificial flower suppliers, but those who do not want to go abroad should all use Chinese B2B websites. I will list the top 5 best B2B websites in China, hope it can help you.



Founded in 1999, Alibaba has grown into the world’s largest B2B trade site. It is an excellent platform for enterprises to find reliable Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. is one of the most popular B2B websites. It has more than 10 million registered members in more than 220 countries and regions around the world. It has more than 3 million active suppliers from China. With a wide range of products in many categories, you can find artificial flower suppliers in it.

MOQ and Price

If the artificial flowers you are looking for are conventional and have no customization requirements, you can find artificial flower suppliers on Alibaba. This kind of conventional artificial flowers can generally be found on the Alibaba platform and there will be many artificial flower suppliers. If the artificial flower is in stock, you can enter the product page to check the unit price and MOQ.

It must be a very happy thing to meet the minimum order quantity and low price. But there is one thing I need to remind, usually the unit price of the product displayed on the Alibaba platform is likely to be incorrect, so you need to communicate with the artificial flower supplier before you place an order.

Strength of Artificial Flower Suppliers

Alibaba attaches great importance to demonstrating the strength of suppliers. At the bottom of the product page, you can see the company Profile, from which you can easily understand all aspects of the artificial flower supplier, such as company video, company production capacity, product test report, etc., some important information. Use these important information combined with your concerned product requirements to choose artificial flower suppliers.

Trade Assurance

After choosing a supplier of artificial flowers, you need to start paying and placing an order. Many newcomers who are new to importing from China will worry that they will be cheated. It is right to choose Alibaba. Alibaba has trade assurance service.

Trade Assurance is Alibaba’s concept of guaranteeing timely delivery to buyers. If the seller does not ship or does not promise timely delivery or the quality of the item, Alibaba will refund the purchase price to the buyer. This is a money-back guarantee that largely protects the buyer’s business interests.

Alibaba also provides great support in terms of payment, such as VISA, MasterCard, T/T, online bank transfer, pay later, letter of credit, etc.



DHgate is an emerging B2B platform for SMEs in China. A Chinese wholesale website very suitable for beginners. It is also my first recommended website for novices. DHgate is famous for its fast and convenient wholesale buying experience.

DHgate is an online wholesale marketplace where buyers can find Chinese artificial flower suppliers at competitive prices, usually with a lower MOQ than other platforms.

A prominent feature of this platform is their payment transaction system. After the buyer confirms receipt of the artificial flower product, the system will transfer the payment to the artificial flower supplier. This feature will greatly reduce the risk of fraud by international buyers.

Global Sources


Global Sources, an experienced multi-channel B2B foreign trade website, holds regular trade shows in Hong Kong and is very popular, positioning itself as promoting import and export trade through a range of media.

Global Sources is not only an online marketplace, but also a trade show facilitator and sourcing service provider.

As an online marketplace, it connects wholesale sellers with buyers. Just like DHgate, Alibaba and AliExpress. Global Sources has a wide range of platforms, including major websites such as product industry, regional export, technology, and management.


Website:, a platform for Chinese companies to sell goods to foreign consumers, is owned by the same Chinese company as Alibaba. This is a huge retail platform, and the products are currently sold in more than 220 countries and regions. has no MOQ requirement, usually start selling from 1 piece, which is very friendly to importers who want to purchase with MOQ. It is famous for its very cheap unit price. Although people need to wait 10-30 days for delivery to their homes, it still quickly attracted a large number of overseas buyers and became a major dropshipping service provider.

Unlike Alibaba, most of the sellers on AliExpress are trading companies or individuals, but we can also see a great price advantage from its procurement system. That’s why I included AliExpress in my list of wholesale China B2B sites. Like, if you want to buy more than 10 items on, please negotiate a better price with the supplier before paying.

Made in China


Founded in 1998, Made in China is a typical Chinese B2B website, a third-party platform connecting buyers and Chinese artificial flower suppliers, with a simple layout and easy browsing. It mainly provides wholesale e-commerce websites for overseas importers, distributors and dealers, and provides OEM & ODM services.

Large wholesale buyers often have great customization needs. It’s easy to notice the “Customization Request” button on the product page. After entering the demand page, you only need to fill in your demand and wait for the supplier’s quotation. Similar to, Chinese suppliers can create their own homepage on Made-in-China, which includes their company profile, introduction and product list.

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