Negotiating with China Artificial Flower Supplier:Tips and Strategies

Just starting to work with Chinese Artificial Flower Supplier, you should understand how Chinese Artificial Flower Supplier negotiate and understand the cultural differences between China and where you are. This is conducive to your long-term cooperation with artificial flower supplier in China.

Prepare negotiation materials

Prepare the popular types of artificial flowers on the market, understand the basic information of artificial flower products, such as quality, weight, size, packaging, estimated quantity to be ordered, according to the market price or the cost provided by the supplier, reasonable Figure out what the target price is in your mind. When you start communicating with the supplier, you can not provide your target price first, and after the supplier quotes the price to you, you send the target price to the supplier.

Each supplier has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you summarize the data of the suppliers you have learned and send them to the suppliers you are looking forward to cooperating with, you can highlight the advantages of other suppliers and ask the suppliers you want to cooperate with if they can also achieve the advantages of other suppliers. advantages to meet your needs.

For example, A and B are the two suppliers you choose, and you can organize the data of these two suppliers into a table. When the form data is sent to A, it can highlight B’s comparative advantages, such as quality, customization, etc., and vice versa. In this way, A and B will find ways to make up for their disadvantages. Another thing to note is that if the MOQ of the supplier is too high, we cannot take such a risk, so we need to reduce the risk. We can order different categories of products with the same total number of orders to diversify risks and test the market share of different products.

Formulate product quality standards

Always negotiate product quality standards with the plant’s multiple suppliers. You can agree on premium standard quality with your supplier.

Plus, you can have a different supplier recommend one to you. Low-quality products can ruin your good customer reputation. Therefore, the highest quality standards are set together with the suppliers.

Don’t argue with Chinese manufacturers for reasonable prices.

A good Chinese artificial flower supplier will never lower his profit, so don’t argue with them. It’s a little risky if the potential supplier has significantly lower profit margins.

The lower output will cause factory management to lower the quality of product specifications. Ask other suppliers for the best prices in price negotiations. On a quality basis, a better price can be much better than a cheaper one. Don’t just go for low price products, when dealing with Chinese artificial flower suppliers, you can choose a variety of products, make the quantity larger, and let the factory offer some discounts. Establishing a continuous win-win relationship with cooperating factories will help you develop more business.

The quantity you provide must be real

Some importers make the mistake of over-promising when they start working with Chinese artificial flower supplier, because you know the suppliers like big orders, so they will be more enthusiastic and interested in you, if the quantity you said at the beginning is just To attract suppliers, the actual quantity is far less than what you promised, then the supplier will think you are cheating, so your chances of working with Chinese suppliers will be reduced, which will also have an impact on your reputation. A good way to handle this situation is to start with a small order as a test.

We can gradually increase the order quantity to make things run smoothly. However, we can also use actual sales for a month to estimate sales for a full year. While the year-round numbers aren’t particularly accurate, at least this month’s numbers are realistic, provided your actual numbers for the month are higher than the market average or your estimated target. It’s not lying, it’s just an estimate that if you provide as much data as possible, it will be perceived as more believable.

Select shipping cost

Always choose the sea shipping method instead of air shipping because air shipping will cost you a higher price. Try to save money during the import process. Often many buyers will ask for an extremely low price on the product and forget to lower the price in shipping.

Always do this during price negotiations, as some suppliers may not mention this in their final pricing.

If you feel that the price of other artificial flower suppliers is unacceptable to you, you can ask Sellers Union for a quotation. Their price is very advantageous and they cooperate with a wide range of factories. There are also many products.

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