How to Find China Wholesale Artificial Flowers Supplier Online?

China has the world’s largest market for artificial flowers and plants. Every year, the number of artificial flowers exported from China continues to increase, while,maintaining a steady flow of shipments.

If you own a flower shop, an event decoration company, or artificial flower wholesale/retail business, this will be the best guide for importing wholesale artificial flowers from China.

Usually, there are two channels to find Chinese wholesale artificial flowers manufacturers. The first is to meet with the suppliers directly, which requires you to come to China and contact them directly by attending the Canton Fair, or going to Yiwu Market. The second one, on the other hand, is to find suppliers online. The second way is more convenient and faster for most people. So, the next article will focus on showing you how to find a reliable and suitable Chinese artificial flowers manufacturer for you online.

China Online Website

  • ·Alibaba

Alibaba( is the world’s largest b2b sourcing site. Most of the suppliers on Alibaba are qualified and certified, and there are also many internatinoal trade companies. You can search for the products you need on the home page. When you select the product you want, you can always contact the supplier directly and ask for specific details. Of course, Alibaba also provides sample service, so you can buy samples first to check the quality of products and judge the manufacturer’s supply ability.


When we want to look up information or find something, we most often use Google.

wholesale artificial flower

When you want to find a Chinese wholesale artificial flowers manufacturer, just type “product name + Chinese manufacturer” in the search bar.

Now there are many Chinese manufacturers or suppliers who have their own websites. But you will find millions of results after the search. At this point, you need to identify them carefully, click into their websites, look at their descriptions and products, and determine whether they are qualified to export and whether they have enough production and supply capacity to meet your needs.

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