Tips for Choosing Wholesale Artificial Flowers

More and more people prefer to choose artificial flowers as their home decoration.They can stay beautiful and alive forever.They are durable,easy to clean,and the prices are acceptable to most customers.However, the quality and price of artificial flowers on the market vary, and it is not easy to choose the ones you like.

Please carefully read the following professional tips ,I hope these tips can help you become an expert in choosing wholesale artificial flowers.

choosing wholesaleartificial flowers

Knowing the materials before choosing wholesale artificial flowers

Different artificial flower materials have their own characteristics, regardless of price, durability and simulation.Before you choose artificial flowers, you should consider these factors.

Silk flowers

Silk flowers look very realistic and are the most popular choice. In the whole branch of silk flowers, the flower head is generally made of silk, while the leaves and stalks are plastic.Now sometimes velvet and polyester are used instead of silk.High-quality artificial silk flowers are usually fixed by adding iron wires to the branches, and they can also be bent arbitrarily.Silk flowers can get very expensive.

Latex flowers

Latex flowers are made using molds taken of real plants and flowers, so when you touch them, you feel they are exactly like real flowers.But latex flowers come in a limited variety, usually flowers with thicker petals, such as lilies, orchids, and calla lilies.In addition, people who are allergic to latex should not buy it!

wholesale artificial lily

Plastic flowers

The price of plastic flowers is relatively the cheapest, but cheap does not mean the worst quality.If you don’t require high imitation degree of flowers, plastic flowers will be the most cost-effective.


Good quality artificial flowers not only look realistic, but also feel better. It feel smooth and soft to the touch.When we choose, we can touch the petals and leaves to see if the texture is fine or whether the material is uniform. If there are obviously prominent small particles, or some places are very thin, it means that the quality is relatively poor.


Most artificial flowers are made of plastic, cloth, etc., and are dyed throughout the process. There will inevitably be some dyes. We can smell whether artificial flowers have a pungent smell. If it is stated that the material used is of inferior quality, it is best not to choose it, so as not to use it for too long and be harmful to health.

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