How to Get Free Samples from China Christmas Products Supplier?

Merchants who do import business, if do not order some samples for testing and comparison before placing an order, and blindly place orders and produce in batches, it is easy to cause the goods to be unsold due to poor quality of Christmas products, and the goods will be sold at low prices and lose money. Samples are very important to all buyers. Samples are a great way for you to test and choose a Christmas products supplier before placing an order and starting mass production.

Are there any channels that offer Christmas products for free?

There are two ways to receive free Christmas products. The first channel is offline. Now that China has opened up to the outside world, if you have a lot of Christmas products to choose from, you might as well come to the Chinese market to visit Christmas products and ask for free samples from suppliers face-to-face. The second channel is online. Many B2B websites such as Alibaba and AliExpress have Christmas products supplier in China. Some Christmas products will be displayed on the page as providing free samples. If the sample you purchased clearly does not show free If you provide samples, you can directly contact the seller to discuss and ask if you can provide samples for free.

What Christmas products can provide free samples?

Factories are generally willing to provide Christmas products with surplus product inventory, low cost, and no customization requirements. They only need to find the samples from the warehouse or sample room and pack them, which will not take up much of their time and energy. If your order quantity is very small, maybe the factory will let you bear the shipping cost of the sample. When you receive the samples, you find that the quality is very satisfactory and the Christmas products supplier quotation reaches the target price, and your order quantity increases. Maybe you can communicate with the factory whether the sample shipping fee can be deducted from the bulk price.
Such samples are most likely the backlog of the last shipment or stock samples left by other customers. Therefore, the color of the sample may not meet your requirements. You may need red samples but only green samples are in stock. You may prefer to have it packaged in a box color box, but it is only packaged in a kraft paper box. But why bother when you can get it for free? After all, our first priority is to confirm sample quality as quickly as possible.
The low-value samples I mentioned earlier usually refer to categories with a value below $10, and the factory is more willing to send them. However, if the factory lacks orders or urgently needs new customers, some samples worth more than 10 yuan will also be provided for free.
Many Christmas sellers hope to sell customized Christmas products to attract consumers. Some sellers will require suppliers to provide custom Christmas samples. Customized Christmas sample prices will be more expensive. Before placing a sample, you can ask the supplier whether the customization fee can be deducted after placing a bulk order. Factories that can deduct the cost after placing bulk orders can try customized samples.

Which samples are less likely to give away for free?

expensive samples

Most vendors consider samples worth more than $30 to be expensive and difficult to give away for free. You might think that $30 is a small amount. But according to the current exchange rate, 30 US dollars is about 200 yuan, which is not a small fee that the supplier will definitely consider.

Patent Project

Most suppliers are now very aware of the importance of protecting their product patents, and they will not give away their patented goods for free. In order to avoid too many replicas in the market, they even have requirements for the number of companies that cooperate in sales or increase the cost of samples to evaluate the sincerity of buyers, assuming that buyers are willing to pay more for samples and have a strong desire to promote products And protect their patent rights from counterfeit competitors for the benefit of both parties.

Current Bestsellers

Since the product has been selling well, it’s clear that it’s a market favorite. You may wonder why factories are reluctant to provide free samples to increase their market share.
In fact, the situation is different when it comes to the mass production of popular products. The mindset of suppliers and manufacturers is influenced by two factors:
First, the fact that the product is selling well means that the supplier is not short of customers, or that they are eager to attract new customers. Therefore, they are less likely to provide free samples, and will even use higher sample costs to screen and select valuable customers.
Second, producing hot items often leads to full production lines. Almost all machines and skilled workers are working overtime to keep up with orders. During peak season, suppliers are naturally reluctant to spend time and energy on uncertain business opportunities, as not every inquiry or sample delivery results in a purchase order. In addition, even if new orders are received, factories may not be able to deliver on time due to limited capacity.

SELLERS UNION is a Christmas industry and trade company. If you have a very large demand for products, we can provide you with free samples, all for the purpose of working together.

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