How to Find Christmas Products Suppliers from Yiwu Market?[Full Guide]

Are you currently importing from Yiwu Market in China? One of the best things about Yiwu Market is that they can take very small orders – just a carton or two is perfectly normal. If you have one or two Christmas product retail stores, or you have wholesale channels to help you sell Christmas products, then Yiwu Market is a great place to buy these Christmas products and will never let you down. Let me take you to find Christmas Products Suppliers from the Yiwu market.

Where is Yiwu?

Yiwu was originally a small agricultural city in Zhejiang Province. After more than 40 years of development, it has become the most famous international small commodity trading city in the world. The current Yiwu Wholesale Market is the largest small commodity trading platform in the world. Every year, more than 550,000 buyers come to Yiwu to purchase small commodities. The annual Yiwu International Small Commodity Trade is held in Yiwu, where many Christmas Products Suppliers conduct trade with merchants from many countries around the world.

China Yiwu Market

If you come to the market in person, please don’t miss the signs and maps at each entrance, almost all the booths are distributed according to the maps you see, and many suppliers are here, so you can easily Find your desired Christmas Products Suppliers easily.
In order for you to have a clearer understanding of the layout of the Yiwu market, please first view the distribution area of the Yiwu market that we have organized for you in advance.
Yiwu International Trade City District 1
F1 Ordinary & Electric Toys/Inflatable Toys/Plush Toys/Artificial Flowers/Artificial Flower Accessories
F2 Jewelry / Hair Accessories
F3 Jewelry Accessories/Porcelain Crystal/Photo Frame/Holiday Decoration Crafts
F4 Factory direct sales (toys/flowers) / Taiwan mall (flowers/decorations/crafts)

International Trade City District 2
F1 Bags / Umbrellas / Raincoats & Backpacks
F2 Vehicles / Hardware Tools & Accessories / Locks / Electronics
F3 Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware/Small Appliances/Clocks/Flashlights/Battery/Lamps/Clocks
F4 Hong Kong Mall/Sichuan Mall/Korea Mall/Electronic Products/Bags/Watches/Hardware Appliances
F5 Export Agent (Foreign Trade Company)/Specialty Products
International Trade City District 3
F1 Glasses / Pens & Inks / Paper Products
F2 Stationery / Office Stationery / Sports Goods
F3 Zippers and Buttons / Clothing Accessories / Cosmetics and Beauty Products / Mirror Combs
F4 Factory direct sales-beauty/beauty makeup / factory direct sales-style
International Trade City District 4
F1 socks
F2 Daily necessities/knitwear/gloves/hats/earmuffs
F3 Sewing thread and tape/shoes/lace/tie/towel/lace
F4 Belts/Accessories/Scarves/Bras & Underwear
F5 Travel & Shopping Center/Clothing/Shoes/Daily Necessities/Photo Frames/Accessories
International Trade City District 5
F1 Clothing/Imported Products/African Products/Jewelry Handicrafts/Adornment Handicrafts/Food
F2 Bedding/DIY Crafts
F3 card clothing / knitted fabric / knitted fabric / curtain fabric / towel
F4 Auto Parts / Car and Motorcycle Parts

The Yiwu Christmas market is mainly divided into the inside market and the outside market.
·The domestic trade market is located in Area A, 2nd Floor, Area 1, Yiwu International Trade City. There are at least 500 shops selling Christmas products here. Working hours: 9:00 – 17:00, 7 days working
·The off-site market is along Chouzhou North Road, Futian Second District, which is a supplement to the on-site market, and there are more than 200 shops in the area. Working hours: 9:00 – 17:00, 7 days working

How to find Christmas Products Suppliers from Yiwu Market?

When you come to Yiwu Market, there are 3 suggestions for you:

Have a goal

The Yiwu market is very large, with a total of 5 districts. If you are making Christmas products, find your target in advance on the map of Yiwu—Christmas Products Suppliers, so that you will not miss any in this big market. Christmas product supplier

Take notes

Because there are many stalls, after you visit a supplier’s booth, please write down the supplier’s detailed information. If it is a supplier you are interested in, you can exchange information with each other, and you can learn more about the new Christmas products in the future

Visit the company

When you come to the Yiwu market to choose a supplier, you might as well stay in China for a while, choose some suppliers you are interested in, visit the supplier’s company or factory, and understand the strength of the supplier, so that you will save a lot of trouble in the future.

If you plan to come to China Yiwu market to choose Christmas Products Suppliers, you can consider visiting the strength of our company SELLERS UNION, we are a professional supplier of Christmas products.

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