The Geographical Distribution of Wholesale Christmas Products in China

Christmas can’t be separated from Made in China. 80% of the world’s Christmas products come from China. As a Christmas product wholesaler, it is a very wise choice to import Christmas products from China. China has a complete and mature supply chain system, and the wholesale Christmas products are not only very cheap, but also very good in quality.

So, importing Christmas products from China can give you a very big profit margin.

To become a qualified importer of Christmas products, first you need to know the origin of Christmas products in China. There you can find professional Christmas products wholesalers and get advantageous prices.

Next, this article will introduce you to the geographical distribution of wholesale Christmas products in China.


As mentioned earlier, 80% of the world’s Christmas products come from China. And 80% of China’s Christmas products come from Yiwu. Yiwu is the largest production base of Christmas products in the world, and Yiwu has the right to set standards and pricing.

There is a rich and complete range of wholesale Christmas products in the Christmas products market in Futian Street, Yiwu. Here you can purchase almost all kinds of Christmas products, Christmas trees, Christmas balls, Christmas lights, Christmas flowers, Christmas hats, etc. in one stop.

Wholesale Christmas Products

Christmas products made in Yiwu are mainly low-end and inexpensive. However, in recent years, with the improvement of international standards, Yiwu is also constantly innovating products. For example, increase the technological content of products, improve product quality, enhance the design of products, increase fashion, in line with the international mainstream aesthetics.

Pearl River Delta Region

The area around Yide Road and Wanling Square in Guangzhou’s Yuexiu District is a famous wholesale purchasing center for small commodities in the Pearl River Delta, and the largest gathering place for Christmas products in the Pearl River Delta.

There are hundreds of merchants here making toys, gifts, ornaments and other kinds of Christmas products, which are sold to more than 70 countries and regions.

Wholesale Christmas Products

The quality of wholesale Christmas products here will be better compared to Yiwu market, and accordingly, the price will be higher. If you are positioning for high-end Christmas products, you may want to pay attention to the suppliers from here.

Many of the Christmas essentials come from China. For example, China’s artificial Christmas trees have a great price advantage, and Yiwu-made Christmas trees are available in several grades to meet the needs of customers from different countries.

Christmas Tree

Yiwu Christmas products are also improving in terms of material, design and craftsmanship. The earliest Yiwu market to foam made pendants, now more environmentally friendly wood, fabric, iron and even high-end acrylic goods are available, even the spray paint process is the EU or Japanese standards.

In addition to being able to buy more high-quality wholesale Christmas products, we can also provide custom design services. We have rich experience in exporting Christmas products and can be at your service anytime, please contact us!

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