Help you Better Know Artificial Flowers

In recent years, artificial flowers have become increasingly popular and are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration.Now the artificial flower production process is very advanced, you can’t even tell if it is a fake flower or a real one.This article will help you better know artificial flowers.

Ⅰ.The reason why you choose artificial flowers

Artificial flowers can last for years.

Flowers generally only bloom for two weeks at most, while for artificial flowers, as long as they are properly cared for, they can be kept for many years.

The price of artificial flowers is cheaper than real flowers.

Artificial flowers do not cause allergy problems.

Artificial flowers are easy to take care of, you just need to wipe the dust regularly and be careful not to leave them in the sun for a long time, they can maintain their bright colors for a long time, just like real flowers.

Ⅱ.How is artificial flowers processed

For most of us, we only see the beauty of artificial flowers, but we don’t know  how it is produced. Knowing its production can help us better understand its price.

Artificial flowers usually come in a variety of materials, with silk flowers being the most popular. Because it is moderately priced, easy to dye, and good simulation. And plastic also tasted to be used in the production of artificial flowers, it is mainly used as stems, berries, leaves, etc.. The stems usually have a wire inside for support, hardened in some petals, leaves and parts, and painted green to have the feel of a real natural flower.

Here are usually 5 steps to produce artificial flowers.

1、Moulding flower shapes.

2、Dyeing the petals and leaves with a dyeing machine and other tools.

3、Make the stem by injection molding machine, put brass or wire inside and spray paint.

4、The workers will assemble the parts by hand.

5、Package the artificial flowers as required.

Ⅲ.Application Scenarios of Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers can be used as home decorations. You can choose different styles and colors of flowers for different occasions, and you can give full play to your imagination for flower arrangement. According to the need, you can cut off the extra flower branches and match them at will.

It can also be used in large events, such as weddings, parties. You can both recycle and choose different flowers to dress up in different styles.

For more tips on decorating with artificial flowers and caring for them, please refer to our previous articles.

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