How to Maintain Home Artificial Flowers

With the accelerated pace of life, like flowers as enchanting and beautiful, but different from flowers as delicate, artificial flowers are increasingly occupying the consumer market.

Not only by the hotel shopping malls and other large public places, artificial flowers also into the millions of families.

More and more people begin to pay attention to artificial flowers, so the maintenance and cleaning issues for artificial flowers have also become a topic of concern. How to maintain the artificial flower?

Artificial Peony Bouquet

Here are some tips to maintain your home artificial flowers:

  • If the artificial flowers are made of latex or with glue on the surface,it can be washed directly with clean water.
wholesale artificial lily
  • If the flowers and leaves are made of silk cloth, they can be soaked in salt water with high concentration for 2 hours, and then dipped in clean water to shake gently, so as to remove dust and ensure that the color is still bright.
Artificial Rose bouquet
  • Do not put the artificial flowers under the sun for a long time, aslo do not put them in water for a long time,otherwise it may cause fading.
  • If there is dust on the buds and leaves, you can use wet cloth and soft brush to clean.You can also use a hairdryer to blow away the dust on the surface.
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