How to Order Your First Wholesale Christmas Products Sample from China

When conducting a wholesale business, it is very important to ask for samples or place a sample order before you are ready to place an order. As a wholesaler of Christmas products, the number of products you will be buying is usually not too small. Before you decide to place an order, you must already have a supplier in mind that you want to work with. (If you want to know how to choose a Chinese wholesale Christmas products supplier, please refer to my previous guide article.)

Therefore, it is very important to have that supplier send you a sample. Firstly, you can check if the quality of the wholesale Christmas products meets your requirements, and secondly, you can test the supplier’s ability to work well with you to complete the order and whether there is potential for long-term cooperation.

Wholesale Christmas Products

1.How to Order Wholesale Christmas Products Samples

First, you need to ask the supplier to buy samples, and most of them will accept to send samples. Before sending the sample, please strictly confirm the specific information such as size and color of the sample you need, so that the factory will not send the wrong one and cause unnecessary loss.

 After that, you need to pay the sample fee and shipping cost. After the payment is done, the samples will be sent by international express, such as DHL,FedEx, and soon you will receive the samples, you can check the quality and details of the samples carefully to decide whether you will place the order or not.

2.Types of samples

2.1  Existing Products of The Factory

Factory designed and developed products or products that have already been made according to customer requirements, these products are usually prepared with some stock samples. If you do not have custom requirements, these products are very suitable and they can be shipped very quickly.

2.2  Customized Samples

The factory can make products according to your special specifications. But this takes a long process. You need to send all your detailed requirements to the factory, which has to make a plate or a proof, and after that it needs to be tested. Very often, it takes several proofs to make a product that meets your final requirements.

3.Pay for Your Samples

You need to pay for samples and shipping costs. The exact sample cost varies from seller to seller, and usually, the sample cost will be higher than the price of the product when you wholesale it. Many sellers offer free samples, so you only need to pay for shipping. Shipping costs can change depending on your location and the factory location.

For products that require customization, the factory may charge another fee for making plates or die sinking, which is more expensive. But most sellers will promise that this fee will be refunded when you place your final purchase order.

Wholesale Christmas Products

Ningbo Union is a professional company that mainly deals in artificial flowers and artificial plants, festival products, etc for more than 10 years. We have rich experience in the production and sales of Christmas products.

We provide samples of Christmas products, or we can customize products according to your requirements. Please contact us for samples!

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