How to Order Your First Wholesale Artificial Flower Sample from China?

When wholesale artificial flower from China,wholesale artificial flower samples are essential. The purpose of receiving samples before production is to ensure that the product you choose for mass production by the supplier is the product you want. I can take you through the importance of samples.

In this guide, you will learn what importers must know about payment terms and sample types for wholesale artificial flower samples.

Why order a sample?

Purchasing product samples is a necessary part of the import process and a critical step before starting production, and must be done before you commit to placing your first “real” order with a new supplier, or when you intend to launch a new product.

There are three main reasons why you must purchase product samples:

1. Test your wholesale artificial flower design: Before entering wholesale artificial flower production, you need to view and test whether the appearance, function, and quality of the artificial flower meet your requirements.

2. Check wholesale artificial flower molds: When buying some custom artificial flowers, you can’t even start production. Therefore, you must manufacture a product sample before proceeding to the next step.

Some products need to develop new molds or tools before mass production. Even so, you have to order samples and mark each sample correctly to help you judge whether the newly opened molds or tools meet the production requirements. Samples can also be retained for future reference.

3. You have to test your suppliers: This is the main reason why you need product samples. Before you can place a bulk artificial flower order, your supplier must demonstrate that they can provide acceptable bulk artificial flower samples. A supplier’s ability to produce quality samples should never be taken for granted. This way you can place your order with confidence and avoid wasting time and money on substandard manufacturers.

What kind of samples are there

Factory sample

Factory samples are “off-the-shelf” artificial flower samples that are not manufactured to the buyer’s custom look and specifications. This is a product that is routinely produced by the factory and can be used as a way to verify the manufacturer’s production capabilities.

Usually, for this kind of factory sample, if the price is not high, the factory will provide it for free, you only need to bear the freight. It should be noted that a good factory sample does not prove that the supplier has sufficient capacity to produce customized products.

Generally, factory samples can also be divided into two broad categories:

material sample

These samples are not finished products, but raw materials used by the manufacturer in the production of the product, such as wood, fabric samples, etc.

production sample

The production samples are mainly wholesale artificial flowers made by other buyers. If you want to customize, then this production sample can only be used as a reference artificial flower. As a way to test the capabilities of the manufacturer.

Custom artificial flower samples

If you want to customize products, the pre-production sample is very important, because you need to use this sample to observe whether the supplier can make wholesale artificial flowers that you are satisfied with. The failure rate may be relatively high during the development process, and it may take several weeks to several months to get a satisfactory product. The process of developing new products is not always smooth, and if conditions permit, it is recommended to find several suppliers at the same time. Sample cost can be very expensive if there is a mold fee.

Virtual samples

These wholesale artificial flower samples are usually based on the customer’s text description, using 2D rendering software such as Photoshop to make 2D renderings, or using 3DMax software rendering technology to make 3D renderings. The dummy sample shows that the factory correctly understood the buyer’s design intent for that particular product. Dummy samples are used in businesses where the initial product is relatively expensive. For example, certain industries may require custom expensive molds to avoid wasting money on the wrong mold due to miscommunication.

Sample charge for orders from China

You should always expect to pay for product samples and mold. Payment terms may vary and largely depend on the amount of the sample. The following are the payment terms applicable to product samples and molds. The sample fee for regular wholesale artificial flowers is usually at a very favorable price and needs to be 100% paid. If you want to customize wholesale artificial flower samples, the sample fee may be relatively high. If the factory does not have the same mold, it is necessary to purchase the mold for the product, and this payment is usually divided into two parts.

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