How To Ship Wholesale Christmas Products from China

Many wholesalers of Christmas products choose to import Christmas products from China. Not only is there a wide variety of Christmas products from China, but they are also inexpensive and wholesalers can often turn around and sell them for a good price and make a big profit.

After carefully selecting the suppliers and products and confirming the orders, the wholesalers are faced with the problem of shipping the products. So, how to ship wholesale Christmas products from China to your country? Next, this article will tell you about shipping wholesale Christmas products from China.

Wholesale Christmas Products

Shipping Method

Importers of wholesale Christmas products from China can choose from a variety of shipping options, including express, air and sea freight.

  • Express shipping(DHL/FedEx/UPS,etc.)
  • Sea freight
  • Air Freight

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Suitable Shipping Method

When you choose a shipping method, you have to consider it from several angles and ultimately choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can make your choice based on several factors.

  • Product and Carrying Capacity

If you buy a large and heavy product, then you can only choose sea or rail transportation.

If the product you buy is itself of great value and small in size, then air freight is the safer way.

  • Time requirement

If you need the goods urgently, then air freight is the fastest way to transport.

If you are not very demanding about the transportation time, you can usually choose to ship the cargo by sea container to a port near the destination, and then transport it by local rail or truck afterwards.

  • Shipping Cost

Air freight is usually the most expensive. Most importers will choose sea freight, which is more suitable price.

Optimized packaging

The volume and weight of the goods will determine the shipping costs. Then, in addition to the product itself, the packaging of the goods becomes crucial to the shipping costs. You need to ask the supplier to optimize the packaging to reduce the volume of the package and thus reduce the cost. If the product has a lot of space left in the package, you will pay a lot more for it.

Finding the right freight forwarder

Most importers use Chinese freight forwarders to manage their shipments as well as to take care of the shipment. You need to find a reliable freight forwarder and you must carefully consider their qualifications before working together.

A reputable freight forwarder can help importers deal with all kinds of complex logistics and transportation problems, conduct reasonable route analysis, and choose the best route and the best way to help you reduce transportation costs.

Compare Shipping Costs

Freight forwarders often use discounts in order to gain customers. You can compare several freight forwarders’ offers. However, you need to pay attention to those hidden costs. Some freight forwarders may use discounts on the surface to attract you to choose them, but then they will incur many other costs. So, if you see a much cheaper offer than others, please be extra careful.

In this article, we introduced the relevant knowledge about the transportation of wholesale Christmas products. If you have more questions about wholesale Christmas products or want to buy Christmas products, please contact us.

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