Complete Guide:How to Wholesale Artificial Flowers from China

Artificial flowers are very common in our daily life now. You may see them every day and never realize they are artificial flowers. As a part of home decoration, artificial flowers began to flourish as a new industry. So if you want to do wholesale artificial flower, this will be your best guide to bulk importing artificial flowers from China.

What is artificial flower

There are many types of artificial flowers, which are mainly divided by materials. There are plastic artificial flowers, polyester artificial flowers, silk yarn artificial flowers, fabric artificial flowers, etc. Among them, plastic flowers are the most common in our daily life.

Why artificial flower is so popular

Artificial flowers are becoming more and more popular, and now the production process of artificial flowers is so developed and specialized. Even in China, artificial flowers often appear in our lives. One of the main reasons for the growth in the popularity of artificial plants is technological advancements that allow artificial plants to resemble real ones. It is almost impossible to distinguish natural plants from man-made plants. Moreover, artificial flowers require no maintenance, have a much longer life than real fabrics, and are easier to care for. Those who are allergic to plants and want to change the environment with plants can use artificial flowers.

Why import wholesale artificial flower from China

China is a big manufacturer of wholesale artificial flower. Many customers will choose to import artificial flowers from China for wholesale. Your purchase cost will be very favorable, which will bring huge profit margins to your business.

Where to import artificial plants from China

Yiwu Artificial Flower Wholesale Market

Yiwu International Wholesale Artificial Flower Market is the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world. Artificial flowers, floral decorations, vases, artificial flower pots, and artificial flower hanging baskets are all the most common in the Yiwu market. It is very easy to see all products at a glance. There are more than 1,000 artificial flower suppliers and more than 30,000 artificial flower-related products here. But the suppliers there are not all factories, some are wholesalers, some are trading companies, and so on. This is the best place if you’re just starting out and won’t be ordering a lot for one design.

Tianjin Artificial Flower Factory

There are hundreds of small factories in Wuqing District, Tianjin City. Like the Yiwu suppliers, some factories are smaller and have fewer employees, purchasing materials and assembling them in warehouses. But there are also big factories with thousands of square meters of showrooms. Those factories do not have an export license, but the prices of all kinds of artificial flowers are the cheapest.

How to import wholesale artificial flowers from China

Determine your budget and quantity: the more you order in the wholesale market, the cheaper the quantity of simulation flowers for wholesalers.

Select the product you want:

Main types:

· Indoor plants – intended to be placed within a residential or commercial building

·Outdoor Plants – Designed to be stronger to withstand the elements. the

There are many kinds of artificial flowers. After doing market research, you must clearly understand what artificial flowers you want and which artificial flowers are popular in your country’s market, and then choose to place a bulk order.

Calculate profitability in advance

When importing artificial plants from China, you will be responsible for several costs.

The first is the total cost of your purchase. Depending on the size of your order, you may receive even greater discounts on each item. This helps improve your profit margins.

Secondly, there is the shipping cost. If you choose international express, you need to pay the corresponding shipping fee for every 1kg of product weight.

Analyze your selling price and potential total cost of packaging to determine if it will be profitable.

 Find suppliers: You can choose to find suppliers online or offline. The online channels include Alibaba or the supplier’s own website. Offline, you can choose to go to Yiwu or artificial flower factories in various regions.

·Confirm order details with suppliers

It is essential to confirm all order details with your supplier and purchase samples before starting production. Confirm the details of the offer. This includes all terms and Incoterms surrounding the order. It ensures that you and your suppliers are in full agreement before production begins. Delivery time is crucial as it ensures that your artificial plants reach you in time and that customers do not have to wait. For most products, it takes 20-30 days to complete production.

If you are interested in artificial flowers, or if you want to wholesale artificial flowers from China, you may go to see SELLERS UNION, a professional export company of artificial flowers.

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