6 Issues Should Be Paid Attention to When Conducting Christmas Products Wholesale

There are many advantages to doing Christmas products wholesale in China. Everyone will import from China. Many people who do Christmas products wholesale in China for the first time often have many problems. In order to better do Christmas products wholesale in China, we will summarize the problems we need to pay attention to for you.

Conduct supplier verification inspection

For the first collaboration, it is essential to verify the supplier before the transaction. Things to verify include whether the supplier’s background is strong and whether they have the technical expertise and the ability to produce the product you are looking for. You can verify this information by checking the supplier’s export information, the customer system that the supplier cooperates with, or the supplier’s registration records.

If the supplier has been operating in export for a long time, they may also have their own website. You can observe whether they meet the standards you want to cooperate with from the supplier’s website. You can call the supplier and ask for their registration number and business license number.

Suppose your supplier fails to provide a business license or company registration number. In this case, you should consider whether to avoid doing business with them. Because all registration numbers can be verified by the local administrative government or the local industrial and commercial bureau.

Find a balance between price and quality

The biggest benefit of purchasing in China is that your costs are greatly reduced due to low manufacturing and labor costs. This is much cheaper than in other countries, which makes purchasing in China a very attractive option. When negotiating prices with your suppliers, you should remember that all suppliers have a general minimum manufacturing cost.

Here, you need to study the product cost and market price to understand what is a reasonable price. There is always the cheapest Christmas products wholesale price in the market. However, the cheapest price sometimes means more problems. Some suppliers will promise you their high-quality products at a cheaper price.

At this time, please think carefully. Do you rarely get high-quality products at the cheapest price in your business? Therefore, do not risk the cheapest supplier. There is an old saying in China, “You get what you pay for.”.

With this information, you can know that when your quotation is lower than the market price, the product quality may not be the best.Prices below the minimum market price or below the product’s cost price should be a red flag as the supplier is compensating for something you may not be aware of. In order to protect yourself from such consequences, you should avoid cooperating with suppliers who offer you too low prices and not blindly pursue low prices while ignoring the quality of the product itself.

Communicate effectively with your suppliers

Due to language barriers and cultural differences, the main challenge faced by importers in bulk procurement in China is the lack of effective communication. Therefore, most of the problems in dealing with suppliers come from misunderstandings.

If it is because poor communication will lead to a huge delay in delivery and production time, which will have a negative impact on your business and profit margin, then you can find a translator. Some college students’ translators will be your good choice.

In the process of communication, you’d better reconfirm the details of all Christmas products, such as product specifications, customization requirements, and packaging methods, in written form after reaching an agreement through oral negotiation.

Confirm order sample

After receiving various quotations from different suppliers, you can choose the most suitable price according to your budget. After ordering a batch of products, we need to order samples to check the product quality. No one wants to make a huge commitment and waste money without seeing the final product. Other factors to consider before ordering Christmas samples include factory location and payment method.

When you receive samples from various suppliers, you should pay attention to whether there are any defects, damages, and poor quality to ensure that each product reaches the same quality level.

If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a second modified sample or choose another supplier.

Conduct quality control inspection

After the sample confirmation, during the factory production process, you need to continuously confirm the production progress and quality inspection to ensure that the quality of your products is consistent with the quality of the samples received, which is very important.

Regular inspection can also ensure that the factory can deliver goods on time, and can solve problems the first time when any problems occur.

Hire procurement agent

If you are purchasing in China for the first time and are willing to spend some money, it may be a convenient choice for you to hire a purchasing agent, especially if you want to obtain products with technical specifications.

If you can’t go to China for factory and quality inspection, then we will find a purchasing agent as your most convenient choice. The purchasing agent will handle all problems with your consent. This will reassure you when you purchase in China for the first time.

SELLERS UNION enjoys a high evaluation in terms of purchasing products for enterprises, saving time and money and making the whole process extremely smooth. When you choose to use a procurement agent, you are less likely to be cheated or become a victim of fraud in the process of cooperation.

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