Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Christmas Products

Besides being a great holiday, Christmas is a great opportunity for wholesalers or retailers to make money. It is the peak season of the year and when Christmas comes, sales of Christmas products increase exponentially.

For Christmas product wholesalers, China is a perfect market to source wholesale Christmas products. This is because in China you can buy almost all kinds of Christmas products, not only at low prices, but also with good quality.

But for you, importing Christmas products from China is very different from buying them in your own country, and you may face a lot of procedural problems. This article will tell you several common questions about wholesale Christmas products and answer them for you.

Wholesale Christmas Products

Channels for Wholesale Christmas Products from China

If you want to communicate with suppliers face to face and see the actual products directly. Then you can come to China to participate in the Canton Fair, or go directly to Yiwu market to purchase. Canton Fair is one of the largest trade fairs in China, held twice a year, and covers almost all products. And similarly, you can buy a very comprehensive range of Christmas products almost directly from Yiwu Commodity Market.

You can also look for suppliers online, such as the following sites.

Please refer to our previous article for more details.

What to ask Christmas Products Suppliers

  • MOQ

You will need to ask for the minimum order quantity for each product to determine if you can purchase it.

  • Sample

You need to ask the supplier if they can provide samples. Before placing an order, you need to check the quality of the product and determine if it can meet your sales requirements.

  • Delivery Time

You need to confirm the production lead time and delivery date of your products to ensure they match your sales plan. You want to make sure they will arrive in your country before the Christmas season arrives.

  • Packaging

You need to confirm the packaging of wholesale Christmas products with your supplier. You can also put forward your own requirements for the packaging of your products. In case of unconventional packaging, you will also need to confirm with the supplier if there is any additional cost.

Customized Wholesale Christmas Products

You can also customize your Christmas products to suit your needs. Many suppliers are able to offer customization services.

Of course, most custom products require additional customization or mold opening fees, and you will need to ask about this in advance. Custom products take longer to produce than regular products, and also take a lot of time when confirming the design with the supplier. So, if you need custom wholesale Christmas products, please tell the supplier in advance.

In this blog, we have introduced common questions about wholesale Christmas products. If you have more questions about wholesale Christmas products or want to buy Christmas products, please contact us.

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