2Sizes Round glass vase From China

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10*18cm and 12.5*22.5cm





  • This round glass vase has 2 sizes which are 10*18cm and 12.5*22.5cm.
  • Full of design, simple style.


Round Glass Vase For Flower

Round glass vases are classic and versatile vessels for displaying floral arrangements, offering a timeless elegance and simplicity that complements any decor style. With their clean lines, transparent design, and understated beauty, vases provide a versatile and sophisticated way to showcase flowers in a graceful and refined manner.

Round glass vase

Classic Design

Round glass vases feature a classic design that never goes out of style. Their simple and elegant shape allows them to seamlessly blend in with any decor scheme, making them a versatile and timeless choice for showcasing flowers in a variety of settings, from modern to traditional.

Versatile Size Options

These vases come in a range of sizes to suit different floral arrangements and display preferences. Whether customers prefer a small bud vase for a single stem or a large centerpiece vase for a lush bouquet, round glass vases offer versatile size options to accommodate various needs and styles.

Round glass vase

Transparency and Clarity

The transparency and clarity of glass vases allow the beauty of flowers to shine through without distraction. The clear glass provides a clean and unobtrusive backdrop for showcasing the natural colors and textures of blooms, creating a visually stunning and captivating display that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Round glass vases are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical and convenient choice for everyday use. The smooth surface of the glass is simple to wipe clean with a damp cloth, ensuring that the vases remain sparkling and pristine for repeated use and enjoyment.

Round glass vase

Embrace the timeless elegance and versatile beauty of these glass vases to elevate your floral displays with grace and sophistication. With their classic design, versatile size options, transparency and clarity, and easy maintenance, round glass vases offer a fresh and refined way to showcase flowers in a simple and elegant manner. Let the clean lines and understated beauty of round glass vases attract and captivate your customers, providing them with a versatile and timeless option for displaying flowers in a stylish and sophisticated way.


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