Is It Safe to Wholesale Artificial Flowers from China?- Basic Knowledge Overview

Artificial flowers and plants are now very common in our daily lives. Nowadays, artificial flowers are so realistic that they are almost indistinguishable from real flowers as far as the naked eye can see. You may see them every day and never realize that they are fake.
If you are in the wholesale and retail business regarding artificial flowers, this article will help you better understand artificial flowers, as well as learn about wholesale artificial flower from China.
A company selling wholesale artificial flowers first needs to identify a reliable supplier that will provide quality products and deliver your products on time while keeping your money safe.

How to Import Artificial Plants and Flowers from China

First, you need to understand some specific wholesale artificial flower processes and steps.

Find suppliers

B2B trade platforms: The main ones are Alibaba, globalsource, made in china.
These sites bring together a lot of artificial flower suppliers, and are also the best choice for small amount orders.
Search engines: Through search engines such as Google, you can also find supplier listings, and at the same time, you can find many suppliers’ own websites.
Social media platforms: Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram
Offline, you can find suppliers through various exhibitions, such as Canton Fair.
So where are the main markets for wholesale artificial flowers in China?

·Yiwu, Zhejiang – one of the largest wholesale markets for artificial flowers.

·Tianjin – a long history of artificial flower manufacturing, with a concentration of factories and many styles.

·Guangzhou – the main source of middle and high-end artificial plants. Guangzhou mainly produces silk artificial plants and flowers.

After determining the type of artificial plants you need, you can find wholesalers by starting your search in the cities that mainly produce the artificial plants you need.

Wholesale Artificial Flower

How to Ensure Orders Are Carried Out Safely

Evaluate different suppliers

When you find a supplier, you have to search for multiple suppliers as an alternative. That’s why these steps are necessary.

At this point, you may have a list of potential suppliers. Choosing the right person is critical to the success of your business.

First, evaluate the business history of each supplier. The longer a supplier has been in business, the more reliable they will be.

You can verify that they are legitimate by asking for their business license. 

Ask for samples

Asking for samples can help you confirm the quality of your product, and the ability of a supplier to provide samples is also a way for you to check if he is reliable.

After all, the product in the image may end up looking different. The only way to know if their product meets your standards is to see it in person.

Provide your supplier with information about the address of the sample. Don’t forget to ask your supplier to mark the part as “sample: no commercial value”. This will save you money during importation.

Keep in mind that usually, the supplier will ask you to pay for the sample and shipping costs.

In some cases, the supplier may also provide you with free samples, in which case you will only be responsible for shipping costs.

Wholesale Artificial Flower

Confirm order details with suppliers

Before starting production, confirm all order details, including colors, packaging, etc. It is also important to confirm the payment method and the Incoterms to be adopted.

It is also critical to confirm lead times, which for most products can take 20-30 days to complete production. Special orders and products can take up to 60 days. Therefore, it is critical to know the delivery time.

Finally, consider the payment method. Most suppliers in China prefer wire transfers.

However, your supplier can also offer a variety of other payment methods, such as PayPal and Visa, allowing you to choose the supplier of your convenience.

Performing quality inspections and shipping arrangements

To ensure that there are no problems with the final shipment, you need to perform quality checks on the goods that have been produced and not yet shipped.

One way to achieve quality testing is to purchase and hire their independent quality inspectors through Alibaba.

The second way is to search for quality inspectors from Google search supplier locations. Third party quality inspectors can charge anywhere from $200 to $300 per day.

Finally, you need to arrange shipping. You have four options:

· International Express

· Air Freight

· Ocean Freight

· Rail transportation

Customs clearance

You need to show documents for customs clearance. The following documents are required for customs clearance of exports from China

· contract

· commercial invoice

· packing list

· bill of lading

· certificate of origin

Your import clearance will also need to review the documents, including those listed above. Learn more about your import clearance needs to clear your package. Please also note that you will also need to pay customs duties.

Remember, when you are dealing with wholesale artificial flowers from China, you need to be vigilant, give multiple considerations to your suppliers, and also keep an eye on the status of your shipment until it arrives after you place your order.

When you approach your wholesale artificial flower business from the above aspects, you will have a good shopping experience.

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