Wholesale Artificial 24Heads Silk Rose Bouquet

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  • This Silk Rose Bouquet has 24 rose and each rose covered with green leaves.
  • A variety of color options, the best choice for decoration.


Wholesale 24Heads Silk Rose Bouquet For Decoration

Silk rose bouquets are a symbol of timeless beauty and sophistication, offering a versatile and captivating choice for enhancing any space. With their exquisite floral design and luxurious appearance, these silk bouquets bring a touch of elegance and charm to your decor.

Silk Rose Bouquet

Realistic Petal Texture

Silk rose bouquets feature a realistic petal texture that closely mimics the softness and delicacy of real rose petals. Each petal is intricately designed to capture the natural beauty and lifelike feel of fresh roses, creating a stunning visual display that exudes authenticity.

Diverse Color Options

Explore a diverse range of colors with silk rose bouquets. From classic reds to soft pinks, vibrant yellows, and elegant whites, these bouquets offer a wide selection of hues that allow you to create custom arrangements to suit any decor style or occasion.

Silk Rose Bouquet

Lifelike Appearance

Experience the lifelike appearance of artificial rose bouquets. Crafted from high-quality silk materials, these bouquets boast realistic stems, leaves, and filler flowers that add a touch of authenticity to your floral arrangements, enhancing the overall natural look and feel of the silk roses.

Long-lasting Beauty

Enjoy the long-lasting beauty of faux rose bouquets. Unlike fresh flowers that wilt and require constant maintenance, these silk bouquets retain their vibrant colors and lifelike appearance over time, making them a durable and sustainable decor choice that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Silk Rose Bouquet

Embrace the timeless elegance and versatility of silk rose bouquets to elevate your decor with sophistication and style. With their realistic petal texture, diverse color options, lifelike appearance, and long-lasting beauty, these silk bouquets offer a captivating and innovative way to enhance any space. Let the beauty of silk rose bouquets inspire and enchant your senses, bringing a touch of everlasting elegance to your home or event.


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