The Top 5 Wholesale Artificial Flower Markets in China

In recent years, artificial flowers and plants have been gaining more and more attention. Artificial flowers are suitable for many decorative occasions and are highly sought after.

Many wholesalers are focusing their attention on the wholesale artificial flowers market in China. The styles are diverse, inexpensive, and still being updated with the most popular styles. Therefore, you can often make higher profits by importing artificial flowers from China and then selling them locally.

If you also want to wholesale artificial flowers from China, then you must know the distribution of wholesale artificial flower markets in China. Next, I will introduce you 5 wholesale artificial flowers places.

1.Yiwu market

Yiwu market brings together suppliers from all over the country with a concentration of stalls, making it the largest wholesale market for artificial flowers in China.

Here you can buy not only artificial flowers and artificial plants, such as bouquets, potted plants, greenery and trees, but you can also buy related accessories and decorative items, such as vases and flower baskets. Here, you can buy almost all the artificial flowers and related decorations you need in one place.

What’s more, the starting order quantity is very low, so if you are a small wholesaler or just starting your business, this is the place for you!

wholesale artificial flowers


There are many artificial flower factories in Wuqing District, Tianjin. But unlike the Yiwu market, they don’t have a centralized wholesale market, but are scattered individually. There is a long history of producing artificial flowers here, mainly silk flowers, which are very professional and the prices are almost the lowest in the country. Many factories have their own sample rooms where their products are displayed, and customers are very welcome to visit the sample rooms. However, most factories do not have export licenses and have to rely on foreign trade companies, etc. to sell abroad.


Guangzhou factories produce the best quality artificial flowers, therefore, the price here is also higher than other markets. Most of the artificial flowers produced in Guangzhou are made of environmentally friendly high simulation materials, which are very close to real flowers both visually and tactilely. At the same time, they pay great attention to innovation and put a lot of effort into the design and matching of flowers, and here, they have the most popular artificial flower styles.


The factory in Dongguan is good at producing large plants and flowers. Of course, the price is also relatively high. Mostly used for wedding decoration and decoration of large projects.

wholesale artificial flowers


Factories in Hebei are good at producing lawn grass walls and leaves, and have price advantages in these products.

wholesale artificial flowers

We have many years of experience in exporting artificial flowers and have had long and reliable relationships with many factories. We are able to offer you competitive prices, a wide range of products, the latest product trends, and excellent after-sales service.

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