The Ultimate Buying Guide to Wholesale Artificial Plants

Artificial plants have always been popular decorations. People will spend more time and cost on home decoration. Wholesale artificial plants are very advantageous in terms of maintenance and price. If you want to wholesale artificial plants, we hope this article can be helpful to you.

Material selection for artificial plants

For those who are new to artificial plants, the choice of materials for artificial plants should be very important. There are three most common materials for artificial plants on the market: plastic, polyester, and latex. 80% of the artificial plant materials in the world are plastic, if you want cheap and realistic artificial plants, you can try to buy plastic materials.

Usually, artificial petals are made of polyester material, the feel will be a little worse than latex, but the price is still acceptable. If you want real plants, latex is also a good choice, but the price is the most expensive of the three materials. There is an old saying in China that you get what you pay for.

How to judge the quality of artificial plants

Flammability of Artificial Plants

For artificial plants, safety is the most critical issue. Let’s say you choose artificial plants for your interior decoration. When you source this product from the supplier, please ask for a fire certificate. Fire retardant artificial plants will not ignite or spread a fire, which is one thing to worry about when compiling your fire safety inspection.

artificial plant weight

The weight of wholesale artificial plants will basically not be exactly the same. Some suppliers will provide you with lightweight artificial plants. Maybe your consumers will not find it, but you will be deceived. Artificial grass with a higher surface weight will be better in quality.

Does not fade in sunlight

If the wholesale artificial plants can withstand ultraviolet light, then their quality is very good, and they will not fade when exposed to sunlight, which shows their high quality. Waterproof artificial plants can be placed outdoors to enjoy on rainy days.

Advantages of artificial plants

Artificial plants are often considered the best option for people who cannot grow natural plants at home.

Artificial plants are a great way to add life to your home. They can serve many different purposes and are also very affordable.

Artificial plants save space: take up less space than real plants, so you must leave enough room for them.

Artificial plants look real: if you walk into a fake plant store, you’ll think they’re real until the clerk tells you they’re all artificial

Artificial plants are easy to care for: If you buy wholesale artificial plants don’t need much maintenance at all! It helps if you clean them about once a week, then they’ll be as good as new.

Precautions for Wholesale Artificial Plants

Professional Inquiry

Before buying wholesale artificial plants, be sure to have some knowledge about wholesale artificial plants or seek advice from professionals or those who have used them. It would be a great place to start if they could share with you the wholesale artificial plant suppliers they have worked with.

order samples

To buy wholesale artificial plants online you will need to order a sample first, as quality cannot be judged by looking at pictures alone. It is always advisable to request a sample before bulk ordering as it is non-refundable if you are very happy with everything. You can put the sample somewhere and look at it from a slight distance and you will easily judge the texture and color.

Measure correctly

Always get accurate measurements as artificial plants are non-returnable once purchased. If the measurements are not correct, there will be either too many or not enough artificial plants.

Unlike natural plants, artificial plants do not require cutting, pruning, or watering. Likewise, the artificial plants remain the same throughout the year and do not change with the weather.

Although there are many artificial plant suppliers, the artificial plants provided by Sellers Union must have great advantages in terms of quality and price. Their artificial plant is environmentally friendly, and in the manufacturing process of wholesale artificial plants, they choose better materials.

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