Top 8 China Wholesale Artificial Flowers for Your Business Needs

As a wholesaler and retailer of artificial flowers, you may want to know about the wholesale market of artificial flowers in China. Here you can buy almost the most abundant style, the lowest price and the best quality imitation flowers.

China has a long history of artificial flower manufacturing, with mature production technology, new styles and very realistic. Whether it is for daily home decoration, flower arrangement, or as wedding decoration, these artificial flowers are very suitable.

So, you must be curious, what are the most popular Chinese wholesale artifcial flowers? Next, this article will introduce you to the top 8 artificial flowers that can meet your business needs.

wholesale artificial flowers


Different colors of tulips are suitable for different scenarios. The common yellow and orange are suitable for everyday decoration and warm atmosphere, adding a bright color. White tulips are elegant, stylish and suitable for wedding decorations. There are also many special colors, black, you can use for Halloween decorations to create a scary atmosphere. The color is still being updated, you can feel free to choose the color you like. PU material makes them very realistic whether from the look or touch.


Peonies are one of our all-time best sellers. Peonies generally have larger diameter flower heads than roses and look fuller. The combination of pink and white also reflects the different growth periods of peonies.

wholesale artificial flowers


Dahlias are the best choice for seasonal decoration, with multiple layers of petals and full flowers. With a simple flower arrangement, you can make your vase look very rich and full. It has become one of the hottest choices for both indoor and outdoor decorations. The colors are bright and vibrant like the sun, bringing a good mood.


Silk roses are a best seller and can be used for almost any occasion. Both single stems and bouquets are commonly used for home decoration as well as wedding decoration. Roses are synonymous with romance. You can definitely pick your favorite color from so many and create your own romance.

wholesale artificial flowers


Artificial lilies are mostly made of environmentally friendly latex material, making the lily flowers more vivid and realistic to the touch. It is very suitable for daily home decoration, not subject to seasonal restrictions.

wholesale artificial flowers


Hydrangeas are usually placed in vases or baskets to make them look more beautiful. Simple and atmospheric, suitable for making wreaths, decorations or DIY flower arrangements, also suitable for many occasions, home, office as well as weddings.

wholesale artificial flowers


These artificial hyacinth with lifelike appearance charm their sidewalk, terrace and garden; They are ideal for everyday decoration, birthdays, holidays, weddings, souvenirs and DIY projects and bring you surprising effects.

wholesale artificial flowers


Artificial phalaenopsis orchids are mostly made of high quality PU material, not only have realistic shape, vivid color, and real flower-like touch.Perfect for living room, bedroom, desks, counters. The stems can be bent freely according to your demands.

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