How to Verify Chinese Wholesale Artificial Plant Supplier is Legitimate?

Artificial plants, nowadays the process can make them almost the same as fresh plants, with beautiful appearance and various shapes, at the same time, it does not decay and is easy to take care of. At present, artificial plants have become the first choice for home decoration.

When you are selecting a wholesale artificial plant supplier from China, the first thing you will consider is whether this supplier is reputable and has the ability to complete the production. So, how can you verify the legitimacy of a wholesale artificial plant supplier? Next, this article will provide some simple methods to help you screen suppliers. Please read on!

Wholesale Artificial Plant Supplier

Browse the Supplier’s Website Carefully

When you are browsing the website of a wholesale artificial plant supplier, read carefully all the information displayed on their webpage: the time of establishment (the longer the supplier has been in business, the more qualified and capable they are to serve you), all their policies (returns, damages, out of stock), and make sure their contact information and physical address are posted on the website.

Use Google to search for the wholesale artificial plant supplier’s name and you will find some information about them. You can check if they have their own stores on platforms like Alibaba and Global Sources, or you can determine if they are reliable by checking reviews and asking questions.

In addition, you may also see if the supplier has recently participated in trade shows, etc. Renting booths and attending trade shows can be seen as an investment in acquiring new customers. Attending multiple trade shows also means that suppliers place a high value on building relationships with their customers. It can also prove that they are a legitimate and qualified supplier.

Check Business License

Suppliers from China must register with the Chinese government authorities and obtain a unique company registration number. If your wholesale artificial plant supplier cannot provide a unique company registration number, it means they are not legal and not qualified to manufacture. To verify the registration number, visit your local administrative government website or contact your local business bureau.

Wholesale Artificial Plant Supplier

Conduct a Factory Audit

You can tell suppliers that you will audit their factories before placing an order and randomly check their production once it starts. If the supplier refuses this request or starts making excuses, then you should be alerted that he may not be a legitimate supplier.

If you do decide to conduct a factory audit, you can find a quality control company or find a sourcing agent who can review the factory qualifications and production according to your requirements.

Ask for a Sample

You can ask the wholesale artificial plant supplier to provide samples. Once you have the samples, you can check the quality to make sure the product is exactly what you are looking for. You will need to pay for the sample and shipping costs, and sometimes, suppliers can provide free samples.

Also, if you have to pay for the initial sample, insist that the money be wired to your potential supplier’s company bank account. If he cannot provide you with this information, that is also a red flag.

Payment Methods

TT, Western Union, and Money Gram are the most common payment methods in China, some vendors also accept PayPal. be careful when using untraceable money transfer services with vendors you don’t know, they are high-risk and can easily be scammed.

Before you enter into cooperation with a supplier, it is important to fully understand each other, and you can make a thorough evaluation of the supplier by using several aspects we mentioned in this article.

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