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Trusted artificial flowers Supplier for over 20+ years. We bring you the largest selection at the best price.

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As a leading artificial flower supplier in China, Ningbo Union supplies the largest and latest artificial flower arrangement ranges to the global markets. We supply artificial flowers for more than 20+ years.

If you are interested in some products from our website, you can send an email to us. And we can send you a mix of wholesale artificial flowers catalog with a lower minimum quantity.

Besides we provide custom solutions to all our clients and offer free product samples that you can take advantage of.

Best-Selling Artificial Flower Supplier in China

We usually export the entire container, if you are importing in small batches, we require the mixed amount to be greater than 10,000 US dollars.

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Interested in our flowers or need advice? Then please get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

Please upload only docx, pdf, xls, dwg, sld, jpg, png, ai, psd files. Size limit is 15MB.

Wholesale Artificial Flower Products Sample Showroom

We provide customers with offline sample rooms for display, and global importers are welcome to visit us.
In addition, for clients who cannot come to China, We have online media to fully display the sample rooms, like a live broadcast, facetime, zoom, etc.

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Please upload only docx, pdf, xls, dwg, sld, jpg, png, ai, psd files. Size limit is 15MB.