How to improve the efficiency of Wholesale Christmas Items from China

Christmas is coming, are the merchants who are importing and Wholesale Christmas items still comparing the prices of Christmas products everywhere? Or because of the cumbersome wholesale process to miss out on Christmas business opportunities? If you have these problems, check out our How to Improve the Efficiency of Wholesale Christmas Projects in China.

1. Get to know the biggest market for Christmas goods in China—Yiwu

China is a major producer of Christmas products in the world. Where are most Christmas products produced in China? Yiwu, yes. 80% of the world’s Christmas supplies come from Yiwu, China. More than 600 Christmas merchants are located in Yiwu, which is the world’s largest production base for Christmas supplies.

In Yiwu, you can find all Christmas-related products. Like common Christmas trees, Christmas hats, Christmas decorations, etc., all the wholesale christmas items you can think of can be found in Yiwu.

2. The 3 best-selling Wholesale Christmas items for Christmas

    1. Christmas socks:

Whether for practical reasons, to be filled with sweets and small gifts, or for fashion, Christmas stockings are a festive symbol around the world. Christmas stockings are always one of the best-selling Christmas items on the Christmas product list.

Design Christmas stockings to your liking and attract customers from all over the world. Add personalization options by printing names, special messages, and wishes. Set your Christmas stocking apart from your competitors with a variety of patterns, company logos, family photos, or general winter and Christmas scenery and symbols.

    2. Christmas tree wholesale:

When Christmas is approaching, you can see the existence of Christmas trees on the streets, alleys, shopping malls, and homes, which is a symbol of the festival. Every household will prepare a Christmas tree in advance of Christmas and put it at home to enhance the festive atmosphere. Many people will buy a simple Christmas tree and some Christmas decorations and Christmas wreaths to experience the joy of DIY and create a custom tree with a personalized design.

   3. Christmas costumes:

Christmas is the time of year when everyone is in high spirits, with a lot of food and drinks eaten and gifts received and given. If you only get dressed up once a year, it’s during the holidays!

In the traditional festival, in addition to Santa’s little helper elf, the red-nosed reindeer Rudolph and the protagonist himself, Santa Claus. More people will be looking for more hilarious elements, like adding a little comical value with wacky custom Christmas glasses or custom Christmas headbands to make family and friends laugh on the floor. We’ve put together a list of the best Christmas costume ideas for adults to get you prepared ahead of time for these party orders.

3. How to buy wholesale in bulk

The general process for buying bulk merchandise for wholesale is:

* Find a wholesaler. Check out your local business centers, online wholesaler websites, and B2B marketplaces.

* Contact wholesaler. If you’re using a B2B marketplace, you can skip or at least simplify this step. Otherwise, email the wholesaler and introduce yourself and your business.

* Show your business license to your wholesaler if required. Only merchant wholesalers will sell to end users. Retail wholesalers may ask you to provide proof of a legitimate business.

* Sign an agreement with a wholesaler. Check the terms carefully; have a lawyer check if needed. 

* Place an order with a wholesaler. Wholesalers will let you know how they want you to order. The B2B wholesaler marketplace will be the most convenient. Remember the minimum order quantity – if you are not ready to place such a large order, ask the wholesaler if they can order samples first.

* Determine the price you want. Some manufacturers price their wares. Check your agreement for details.

* Place more orders as needed. 

4. Where can you purchase from?

Wholesalers are not everything. There are many wholesale businesses that work with retailers (and sometimes consumers). The type of wholesaler you work with will depend on the specific items you buy in bulk, the retail niche you want to fit into, the type of relationships you can build, and the wholesale ordering techniques you want to use. 

*Manufacturers: Some (but not all) manufacturers also act as wholesalers. Buying directly from the manufacturer may reduce wholesale prices because there are fewer middlemen. However, buying outright isn’t always an option — and even if it is, it’s not always the most convenient. 

* Retail Wholesalers: Retail wholesalers sell products in bulk to retailers at a small markup from the manufacturer. Buying through a retail wholesaler means you can buy wholesale from multiple manufacturers. 

* Merchant Wholesaler: Contrary to Retail Wholesaler, Merchant Wholesaler sells products to retailers and end customers. Because of this, they usually have a lower minimum order quantity and are your direct competitors as well as suppliers. 

* B2B Wholesale Market: This is the most convenient option. In such B2B wholesale marketplaces, retailers can browse and order products more efficiently than in traditional email and purchase order formats. 

We are a professional B2B wholesale supplier of Christmas supplies in China. Founded in 1997, it has cooperated with many large supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart, Metro, AUCHAN, Mendels, Galileo, etc. Has a very favorable price. Professional personnel control from production to inspection to transportation.

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