YiWu–Biggest Wholesale Christmas Products Markets in China

If you’re running a Christmas shop and looking to add variety, there’s nothing like picking through the rows of market stalls. The market is an absolute must if you want to get to know the Wholesale Christmas products in the shortest possible time. We can find all kinds of things in it: Christmas trees, Christmas costumes, Christmas accessories… In the largest market in China—Yiwu, you will find many new Wholesale Christmas products, and you can choose your favorite from endless stalls. Favorite Christmas project!

What is Yiwu

The most famous place in Yiwu is Yiwu International Trade City, which is a wholesale market divided into five districts, one of which is known as China’s “Christmas Village”.

People come here from various countries to buy goods for export. With 5.5 million square meters and a length of 7 kilometers, this market is huge. And it’s all one interconnected building. There are densely packed stalls inside and out, Christmas trees, baubles, artificial snow, Christmas hats, moose, LED lights, etc. Each store will display dozens or hundreds of products, and you can think of everything you need for Wholesale Christmas products.

As Christmas is approaching at the end of the year, some factories have already designed new designs for the next year. At this time, when the economy is strong, importers or retailers will pre-order Christmas products for next year.

Advantages of Yiwu Market

Low price

Due to the well-organized Yiwu market, similar suppliers are concentrated together. Therefore, the competition among operators is very fierce, and the price has to be relatively lowered. the

Another reason for the low prices in Yiwu is that a large number of migrant workers have come to Yiwu to make a living in recent years. As a result, labor costs in Yiwu are lower than those in other cities. the

Did you know that many of the exhibitors at the Canton Fair are manufacturers or large trading companies? In this case, the price of the Canton Fair will be 5%-15% higher. So, if you want to get the lowest wholesale price, you can come to Yiwu.


What does low MOQ mean? As I mentioned above, the price of products at the Canton Fair can be very high. Canton Fair MOQ can reach USD 3000-5000. And in Yiwu, after 20 years of growth, economies of scale allow this market to offer very competitive prices. Buyers will be surprised to see that some of the prices here are even lower than the prices given by the factory, and perhaps $100-200 per item in stock may be enough. So you can buy as many styles as you want and see which ones are going to be hit, but it’s hard to do that at a show.

Low MOQ is small business friendly. If you want to do business on Amazon or Aliexpress or open a supermarket, you can come to Yiwu to buy various goods, and then consolidate them into one delivery. Alternatively, you can store the item in China and ship it directly to your customer after the order is received in your store. This will greatly reduce your shipping costs and help your business.

Save time

There are many factories in China that make Christmas products, but not all Christmas factories are produced in one area. If you want to enter the factory to see the products, you can only browse the Christmas products of 2-3 factories in one day, Christmas styles and Christmas textures are not effectively collected.

In the Yiwu market, you can effectively compare quality and price within one day. Staying in this market for a few days is more efficient than spending some time chatting online, making phone calls, sending and receiving emails, and going back and forth with samples.

Face-to-face communication is also very important for building relationships that are good for long-term business.

Of course, if you cannot come, with modern communication tools, we can also help very quickly. We are very close to this market. the

Meet the needs for customized packaging

Most sellers on e-commerce platforms will bundle sales. For example, when a customer wants to buy a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations might be recommended. It is a common trick to attract customers to buy them at the same time, in this case, you need some special packaging to bundle them and make your products more competitive. When an idea crosses your mind and you want to create a new product, then packaging is also essential.

Packaging is the coat of the product and directly affects the first impression. Whether it’s plain or fancy, you can find them all at low prices from suppliers in Yiwu. You can also customize your own packaging and private label to make your own brand, which can bring in a lot of profit.

There are enough packaging suppliers in Yiwu, you can easily and efficiently find the best suppliers in Yiwu Wholesale Market with low MOQ and budget.

Sellers Union is an efficient and professional foreign trade company with a branch in Yiwu. If you want to chooseWholesale Christmas products in Yiwu but cannot come to China because of covid-19, you can contact us. We will help you decide on ordering, shipping, and other issues.

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