Why do Importers Prefer to Source Wholesale Christmas Products Directly from China?

As a big manufacturing country, China is ubiquitous in the manufacture of Wholesale Christmas Products, not to mention the Wholesale Christmas products, 80% of the world’s Christmas products are from the Chinese market, if you plan to do Christmas products business, you can read our article and consider purchasing the Wholesale Christmas Products you need from China.

Six reasons to buy Christmas products from China

1. Large selection space for suppliers

One of the main reasons for importing from China is that there are so many suppliers of Christmas products in China. From Christmas trees to Christmas costumes and Christmas gift decorations, you can find a wide range of sourcing companies to manufacture almost any type of product.

If you are purchasing goods in China for the first time and are very unfamiliar with the direction of purchasing in China, it is recommended that you consider Yiwu market in Zhejiang Province, China. The Yiwu area of Zhejiang Province may be the world’s largest market for small commodities. Almost any conventional product you’re looking for can be found, and then you can find a reliable sourcing company to make any type of gift.

Sourcing in China also provides services such as packaging, raw materials, transportation and quality control. In other words, you get a one-stop solution for all OEM needs.

2. Reduce labor costs

“Why is it cheaper to make things in China?” Labor cost is an important factor that determines the overall production cost of manufacturing industry. With a population of about 1.41 billion, China is one of the most populous countries in the world. Most rural and lower-middle class or poor people are moving closer to industrial jobs. Since the supply of workers is greater than the demand for low-wage workers, wages remain low.

Plenty of skilled and unskilled Labour can be found in China. Abundant labor makes it more likely that Chinese sourcing companies will set lower manufacturing costs.

In addition, some government policies in China allow manufacturers to ensure top-notch working standards without increasing labor costs. Most workers also have years of training or experience in their fields. Therefore, the factory does not have to invest time and money in personnel training, so that you will feel special discount when purchasing generic products.

Product purchasing agents can also look for cheap but skilled labor. China’s vast labor pool facilitates mass production to accommodate any seasonal industry needs or even to meet planned sudden upturns in demand. In short, you don’t have to face any difficulties or invest time in finding the right labor.

3. Excellent product quality

It is a common misconception that Chinese products are not durable. China is at a stage where productivity gains and quality improvements are enough to partially offset the impact of its rising labor, property and compliance costs (all about Chinese headhunters).

In fact, most suppliers have years of actual manufacturing experience and therefore know the manufacturing process inside out. They also know the best and cheapest sources of quality raw materials and may already have the equipment needed to maintain top-notch quality standards. Fast-paced automation is the main driver of rising productivity in China.

Many leading manufacturers are also willing to invest in the right equipment and technology. In addition, you can hire a third-party quality control company to ensure that the product meets your quality standards and technical specifications.

Most well-known and experienced manufacturers know this. As a result, they are more than willing to accept product quality checks at all stages of the manufacturing process.

5. Reduce risk

When you purchase products from China, you decide on a well-managed procurement process that allows you to reduce potential hazards when purchasing. Sourcing products from China means you will be directly involved every step of the way. This, in turn, will help you get early warning of fraud risks, improper profits, and untimely deliveries so that you can take action to effectively reduce them.

6. Direct purchasing

In outsourcing, buyers often have to deal with multiple parties, known as middlemen, leading to delays and increased procurement costs. However, if you are sourcing products from China, you can deal directly with the manufacturer.

The OEM industry in China is extremely competitive. As a result, most manufacturers prefer to deal directly with buyers to eliminate the added cost of multiple middlemen. In some cases, you just need to work with a product purchasing agent, which makes it easier to get started.

You can easily connect with reputable suppliers or their representatives at international trade shows through online marketplaces, direct access to various traders’ markets in China, or with the help of experienced purchasing agents. Make sure to hire a reliable and experienced manufacturer.

If you are unable to come to China because of covid-19, you can contact Sellers Union, a professional export company with a branch in Yiwu. We can also act as a purchasing agent to select Christmas products for you in Yiwu Market.

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