Top Wholesale Christmas Products and Trends to Notice in 2023

Christmas 2022 is just around the corner and is now filled with a strong Christmas atmosphere. However, if you are a Christmas product wholesaler and import products from overseas, then you need to start thinking about your Christmas product sourcing plan for 2023.

Why? Because international production takes time. After you finalize your order, it will take months for the factory to produce, and after production is complete, it will take some time for international shipping to reach your destination. So, a smart buyer will prepare for Christmas in advance.

To help you sell better in 2023, here is our compilation of wholesale Christmas products trends for 2023, please read carefully.

1.Create a natural and fresh Christmas atmosphere

In the cozy Christmas, people prefer to make the home full of rustic natural feeling through some decorations. Green and brown Christmas decorations together will make you feel like you are in the nature.

Christmas tree will still be one of the most popular decorations, a green Christmas tree as the centerpiece of the decoration, placed in the center point of the living room. Hang a garland of eucalyptus leaves or other greenery on the wall or mantle. Pine cone branch decorations on the table or in a vase. Cover the sofa with a brown blanket. The overall decorative style is harmonious and gives a sense of freshness.

  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Pine Cone Accessories

2.Traditional Christmas Decoration

Red has always been the traditional color for Christmas decorations. Red decorations make Christmas full of strong and warm atmosphere. Red berry garlands,poinsettia,Santa Claus, Christmas stockings, are all classic elements of Christmas. In addition, snowmen, moose, elves, these will still be a popular choice for Christmas decorations.

3.Novel and Funny Decorations

In addition to traditional decorations, young people are more willing to buy novelty Christmas decorations to highlight their personalities. For example, they will be happy to buy colorful and various shaped Christmas balls to decorate the Christmas tree. The use of bright colors, strange shapes to decorate, very suitable for holiday parties, bringing people a sense of joy.

Ningbo Union,a professional Christmas products supplier with rich experience in exporting wholesale Christmas products. If you want to know more about the trend of popular wholesale Christmas products in 2023, please keep following us.

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