How to Find Low MOQ Wholesale Christmas Products Supplier?

For the development of an enterprise, finding a suitable supplier is very important. Some small businesses or retail supermarkets purchase a small amount of wholesale Christmas products but hope to get a good price, and the MOQ of factories with affordable prices is often thousands or tens of thousands, which makes small businesses Both supermarkets and retail supermarkets had to stop their purchasing plans. If you are confused about this, let me tell you how to find a supplier with MOQ.

Find suppliers with low MOQ:

Seek referrals from friends who work in the same trade

For common wholesale Christmas products, such as wholesale Christmas eyewear, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, etc., you can ask your peers and peers in different industries. After all, there is no competition, such as suppliers of packaging materials and transportation.

You can even ask for help from communities, WeChat, and other social media. The power of Internet is still quite powerful, and it is easy to work. Because requirements are relatively easy to describe, they are standard materials or services, and product requirements can be clearly described even with product codes.

Consult your friends, there is a saying in China: There is strength in numbers. Suppliers are related to the company’s delivery time, cost, and product quality, and the most important core is to connect with consumers. Therefore, you can ask your relatives and friends to see if there is a reliable supplier with a low MOQ for cooperation. There is a supplier introduced by an intermediary, which means that at least this supplier is guaranteed in terms of cooperation.

Participate in the exhibition of various Christmas products

Exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to build and grow your business. The show allows you to meet and talk to dozens of wholesalers or manufacturers in one day. These face-to-face conversations can often avoid misinformation or communication difficulties that can arise when connecting online. You can choose Christmas products more intuitively and quickly. The important thing is that most wholesalers at the exhibition have a very low MOQ, basically a minimum order of 1 box. Now because of covid-19, many people cannot Please don’t be discouraged to participate in the exhibition in China. Sellers Union can act as your Chinese agent and provide you with most of the Christmas products in the exhibition through online communication to meet your low MOQ needs.

Check out professional wholesale web platforms:


With the development of Internet technology, Alibaba is one of the most popular one-stop shops for B2B global procurement of wholesale goods. Headquartered in China, Alibaba’s website covers more than 40 categories including home and garden, fashion, electronics, tools, and hardware, and offers premium delivery services covering more than 190 countries.

To help us find trustworthy suppliers, Alibaba offers Trade Assurance. If you buy from a supplier with Alibaba Trade Assurance, Alibaba will ensure your product quality, shipping time, and payment security and resolve any disputes you may encounter.

On you can see a complete company profile for each supplier. You can buy samples to check quality problems before placing bulk orders. Also, Alibaba has an inspection service that sends local inspectors to your supplier’s warehouse to make sure everything is in order. But this service is subject to payment.

Doing business with Alibaba, you can trust Alibaba’s verified suppliers. The production capabilities, products, and operational capabilities of these suppliers have been rigorously inspected by independent third-party companies to obtain verification. All inspection reports are available for free download so you can judge for yourself.


Topping the list of wholesale suppliers for small businesses is China-based AliExpress, which is connected to the Alibaba online marketplace. It is known for offering a wide range of products (over 100 million items) at competitive prices. They ship worldwide and are also a low MOQ platform. Buyers beware, though. Not everything you see on AliExpress for Christmas is worth the investment. There is little review or quality control.

Find Wholesale Suppliers:

Wholesalers are companies who buy large quantities of goods from manufacturers. They store these items and then sell them to retailers just like you. If you are not looking for wholesale suppliers from a large platform, please be sure to find a larger local wholesaler. Large-scale wholesalers can take care of all the stress that comes with importing and warehousing items. You don’t need to travel anywhere and there are no ocean customs to deal with. All you need to do is pick the product and place your order.

NingBo Sellers Union is a professional and large-scale company, founded in 1997, has more than 20 years of department stores, with branches in many places in China, we have professional salesmen and inspectors, they have rich export Experience, if you are importing goods for the first time or a small business needs to purchase large quantities of products, Sellers Union has its own warehouse to help you store your items, and the service is very considerate.

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